About meWho I Am

Hi, I'm John Doe, a Personal,
Bloger from Canada.

Initially educated as a journalist, I haven’t always been satisfied with the way news and events were described in local newspapers and on television, while also looking for a perfect way to deliver news, and that’s how I became a blogger.

my visionWhy do I blog

Blogging became an important part of my career a long time ago. When I was studying at the University of Toronto in 2002, I was amazed by the way bloggers described news back then and though blogging was quite a new term at the very beginning of the XXIst century, I began to try writing my first blog posts for my personal blog. It made me able to improve the perspective of reviewing events, seeing facts and delivering information.

I mostly like blogging because it allows me to review the things happening around me and express my own opinion about them. Practice makes perfect, and due to my constant work on my style, my articles in Toronto newspapers and magazines improve as well as my blog articles do.

testimonialsWhat people say